How We Saved One Client Nearly $1.4 Million

If you think you know what roof replacement costs should be for your commercial property, you might want to reconsider. Even if you have experience with roofing contractors on previous projects, new technology is changing the commercial roofing industry almost daily. Here’s a true story that illustrates this point in nearly 1.4 million ways.

We recently received a bid request from an experienced property manager who works for a well-established owner of a large number of multi-structure properties. He had seven upcoming projects with 18 individual roofs in need of replacement, at a total of 573,341 square feet.

Based on his prior experience with roofing contractors (which was fairly significant), he was very confident the cost would range from $6.25 to $7.00 per square foot, which calculates to a total of $3,583,381.00 to $4,013,387.00 for the entire project. He was fully prepared to pay it too, and was only hoping it would come in closer to the lower end of the scale. What he wasn’t thinking, was that there might be a new way to reduce the cost.

Fortunately, he was wise enough to get more than one bid, because as expected, every contractor immediately agreed with his estimated budget instead of taking time to look for innovative solutions. Except one.


Now just imagine what a shock it was when JR & Co. Roofing Contractors came back with an average bid of $3.84 per square foot. And we did it without cutting any corners or compromising quality and longevity, thanks to the revolutionary “2001 Wind Vented Roofing System .”

This ground-breaking roofing technique is known by a variety of names, the most common of which include wind venting, wind ballasting, wind smart, and negative pressure roofing. It uses the familiar single-ply membranes like EPDM, TPO or PVC, but instead of installing it with the usual fastener or adhesive methods, we use strategically placed equalizer valves that create a vacuum effect. The 2001 Wind Vented Roofing System  harnesses the power of the wind to create negative pressure that secures the membrane to the roof. Instead of the usual concerns of damage by strong winds with this system, the harder the wind blows the tighter the roof holds.


Another great thing about using “wind smart” roofing technology is that it can do away with the need for a tear off, which means less labor and less expense. The negative pressure naturally creates a self-drying effect, removing moisture from the existing insulation. In fact, it can actually restore up to 90% of the R value, giving new life to the insulation. Not only does utilizing this technology save on fees associated with insulation replacement, but it also creates less waste — a big bonus to the budget as well as the environment. 

Of course, JR & Co. Roofing Contractors won the project. We delivered another innovative roofing solution, and we earned another loyal client. The moral to this story? Even if you deal with something on a regular basis, unless you’re an expert in the field, making assumptions can cost a lot of money. Your best move is to call a reputable and innovative specialist who’ll ask the right questions, give you real answers and find the best solution, which isn’t always the most expensive option out there.

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