Is Your Wood Shake Roof Worth Not Getting an Insurance Payout?

Wood shake roofs look nice when new, but cause major problems as they get old. Most people assume that they are covered in the event of a storm or other damage, but with this type of roof, they may not be.

Wood roofs are becoming extremely outdated by other technology and styles, and insurance providers are doing everything they can to avoid covering them. The reason for this is because they bring inherent risks and hazards along with what was once a trendy style.

When you replace your wood shake roof with a roof system that is approved by your insurance carrier, you will see the cost savings almost instantly. In fact, these old roofs cause so many problems, that home buyers are often requiring they be replaced BEFORE they'll purchase the home. 

We definitely recommend that you call your agent if you currently have a wood roof and it's on the older side to make sure you don't get left in a lurch. Below are some things to check on.

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You should also check to be sure that you have a "full replacement policy" with a fixed deductible, rather than just a percentage of the home's value. Many insurance companies are moving away from fixed deductibles, but have plans that still offer it. Plus, there are many companies that offer crazy good rates if you have just replaced a new roof - which will help start to offset any cost incurred.

If you need help finding an agent to talk to, we'd be happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners throughout the metro area. As always, we want to do our best to make sure that your biggest asset, along with the irreplaceable values inside, are protected.

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