(New Video) Commercial Roof Leak Have You Frustrated?

When you live in Kansas City, you tend to get used to the topsy-turvy weather, not knowing what to expect from day to day. For the most part, it doesn't even phase us... That is unless you are a commercial property owner or manager and you have been dealing with a leaky roof during this more than average rain fall for the past month or so. 

Average rain fall for June in Kansas city is right around 5.5 inches but this year we received over 8 inches of rain! (That's why I have had to mow my lawn so often! )

This was the inspiration for the new video that I put together. (That and I have been dying to test out my new video creation software) It's a short and fun little video about an unhappy business owner and how he solved his problem. 

Hope you enjoyed the video. I try to get right to the point without dragging on and on. I know you are busy and have important things to do!

Thank you for watching and if you are interested in scheduling a  professional rooftop evaluation be sure and click the button below.