Nearly 50% Of All Businesses Affected By A Natural Disaster Never Reopen; The Majority Of Those That Do Had An Emergency Preparedness And Response Plan In Place.

According to insurance adjusters, the greatest cause of damage from a disaster is the loss of the structural integrity of your roof. This often leaves the building significantly exposed to the elements. The first priority is to get the building water tight and functional as soon as possible. Keep in mind, the temporary roof system must be able to hold up for the entirety of the insurance claim process.
Here at JR and Co. Inc., we are roofing contractors that do something that is very unique to this industry.We eliminate the 3 primary roofing problems people face when disaster strikes.

Below are the three major roof problems companies and institutions face after a disaster that should be covered in their Emergency Preparedness and Response plan:

  1. Slow Response Time: Many companies have a local roofer that they work with, but in the event of a disaster they often lack the staff and equipment necessary for the timely corrective actions. Many roofing contractors become overwhelmed by disasters and struggle to complete the repairs with what they customers have come to expect in regards to quality and schedule. We have developed a program that solves this problem for you.

  2. Loss of Functionality: There are two common solutions following a disaster. One is to nail down a tarp, which is not water tight and will not protect your property. The other is to shrink wrap your building, and although it is water tight, it is a poor solution because it effectively stops all your rooftop functions: Plumbing soil stacks, Rooftop HVAC units, and Heat Stacks. Our program has a water tight solution and your building keeps its functionality.

  3. Durability: Even though it is a temporary roof system, you need it to hold up for the entire duration of the insurance claim process which can take up to a year. In order to accommodate the need for extended protection, JR & Co. provides a one year warranty on temporary roof systems.

When disaster strikes and damages your roof, time is critical. Our program is designed to provide you with a priority response by having professionally trained crews, specialized equipment, and quality materials waiting outside the danger zone ready for immediately action. Our crews will inspect your current roof and assess any damages and perform an emergency “Dry-In”. This is a water tight roof system that will allow your building to keep its functionality. Best of all, there is no cost to become a member of our program.